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On The WebRequirements

The following indicates the minimum equipment requirements all participants should bring.

On The Web Computer Equipment

Mac or PC laptop computer with up-to-date operating system
2 GB or more of RAM
Minimum of 150 GB of free hard drive space
CD/DVD burner
Mouse and mouse pad (recommended, not required)
Power adapters, battery, and cables for laptop
External hard drive and/or blank CDs/DVDs for backing-up images
Current version of image editing software Adobe Photoshop with Bridge, Photoshop Lightroom

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On The Web Camera Equipment

Digital SLR and lens (es) - where specified
Minimum of two 2 GB digital memory cards with reader (4 GB and higher is recommended)
Power adapters and cables for digital camera
Manuals for camera, flash, etc.
Batteries and charger for rechargeable batteries

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On The Web Manual Mode Knowledge of your Camera (Not required for Beginners)

Working knowledge of your camera in manual mode means that you are capable and comfortable with evaluating your in-camera light meter and choosing the appropriate manual settings.

The following statements can help determine your comfort level with manual mode:
You have a working knowledge of aperture priority, shutter priority, and manual mode, and understand the difference between each setting.
You understand how to adjust the aperture and shutter speed to control the light your camera captures.
You understand that in order to maintain the correct exposure, as aperture becomes larger, shutter speed becomes faster.
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On The Web Working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop
(Not required for Beginners, and only for courses where Photoshop will be taught)

Please ensure you have a working knowledge of the following skills.

Computer Tasks
Navigate to the desktop and use Adobe Bridge and/or Lightroom to locate files
Download your images from a card reader, CD/DVD, or jump drive to a new folder on the desktop

Photoshop Tasks

Tools palette: Select and manipulate areas of an image, add or subtract from selections, basic image enhancement
Layers palette: Create, delete, view, re-order, merge and flatten layers
Adjustment layers: Edit levels, curves, color balance, and use related masks
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If you have any questions or concerns, please contact instructor, Werner J. Bertsch

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You will need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. The Reader is free and can be downloaded
from the Adobe web-site!

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