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On The Web How advanced do I need to be?

Workshops are designed to accommodate different levels of experience, from beginners to professionals. Please check the level required for the workshop you are interested in before you sign up. If unsure about your skills and level of proficiency, please contact us with a short summary of previous photography experience and we will guide you to the proper workshops.

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On The Web Film/Digital

In order to facilitate workflow in the classroom, all our workshops are digital workshops.  You will need a digital camera and a laptop computer with all necessary including devices to download your images to your computer system.
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On The Web What kind of equipment should I bring?

A digital camera is necessary for any course. Point and shoot cameras are satisfactory for beginner’s courses, however, in order to gain a deeper understanding of the digital process and to be more creative, we encourage you to use a digital SLR (necessary for all workshops above B level).  Lenses between 24 to 300 mm range will be useful, as well as a flash. Bring plenty of batteries, memory cards, and do not forget memory readers to download your pictures into your computer. In addition, you will need a laptop computer (Mac or PC) with a current version of either Photoshop or Lightroom. If you do not have a current version, you can always download a free version for use as long as you do not install it into your computer 30 days prior to the end of the workshop. Other software trials will be provided or can be downloaded/purchased through our free internet connection in the classroom.
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On The Web What is included in the classroom work?

We will discuss photography equipment use and maintenance, software, field techniques, composition etc. Also, an important part of the daily schedule includes critiques of your past and current work and assignments for the afternoons. Classroom sessions are usually from 9 to 1 with regular breaks depending on the workshop. A final schedule will be provided during the “Get to Know Each Other Dinner” on Sunday evening.
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On The Web Is transportation provided?

Transportation to some shooting locations is provided by us; however, in order to reach the classroom or meet for the social evening meetings, you will have to provide your own transportation. 
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On The Web What time does the Workshop start?

There is a social “get to know each other” evening on Sunday evening pre-ceding the workshop week. Dinner is included in your workshop fee, alcoholic drinks are not. At this point we will provide you with a schedule for the rest of the week which usually starts on Monday morning at 9:00 am. On Friday evening we will have “Presentation Evening” with a dinner (again included in the workshop fee) featuring the best pictures photographed by our students that week. There will be a final get together on Saturday morning but it is not mandatory to attend.
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On The Web How do I handle lodging reservations?

You will have to make your own hotel reservations. We have negotiated some special pricing for low cost facilities and car rentals which you can find on our web-page. We are not affiliated with any of those locations but will continue to negotiate with other locations and post information as it becomes available.
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On The Web How much “hands-on” help will I get in the class room and in the field?

Classroom hours are dedicated to group discussions and the exchange of ideas and knowledge. The instructor will provide (by use of a Photoshop or/and Lightroom and other software) tips, tricks and workflow ideas according to the curriculum of the course. Individual attention is then provided if you ask for it in order to resolve the problem/issue at hand. If you need further help PLEASE ask for it! If you don’t, the instructor will move on to the next student. The same goes while shooting on location. It is the job of the teacher/instructor to provide full guidance in regards to composition, exposure, and other technical and artistic questions. Ask and you will get all the attention you feel you need.
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On The Web How do I register for a workshop?

By Phone
  Call our office in the USA at:  954.888.7729
By Fax
  Print the registration form and fax it to:  954.888.5997 (USA)
By Mail
  Print the registration form and mail to:
  Caribbean Photo Workshop
  747 Shotgun Road
  Weston, FL  33326
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On The Web What are the payment options?

We accept Visa and MC or a check. If you pay with a check from outside the USA, there will be a $ 25.00 bank fee which you need to include in your workshop fee. Please see the registration guidelines for down payment instructions, the amount you need to send, and deadline for full payment.
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On The Web What’s included in the tuition?

Your tuition is a combination of “Workshop Fees” and the “Additional Fees” which provide certain transportation, joined dinners, model and entrance fees (where applicable). Alcoholic beverages are not included in the dinner fees.
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If you have any questions or concerns, please contact instructor, Werner J. Bertsch

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You will need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. The Reader is free and can be downloaded
from the Adobe web-site!

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